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Character Technical Artist

Date de début :

December 6, 2021

Catégorie de job:

Game Designer

Type de contrat :


Niveau d'expérience requis :

de 3 à 5 ans

Localisation :

Boston, Massachusetts, États-Unis

Conditions :

Télétravail total possible

Logiciels requis :

Maya, Python, C++

Proletariat, Inc. is seeking a Character Technical Artist to join our team. This role will be part of the art team, and working with character, concept, and vfx artists in developing character related assets. The ideal candidate would possess strong technical skills in rigging characters and writing pipeline tools, possess good aesthetic vision, and able to balance between target visual goal and technical restrictions.


  • Skinning and rigging characters and character related assets
  • Integrate and set up various character assets inside Unreal Engine, including setting up secondary dynamic systems
  • Work with character artists to create visually stunning assets while meeting technical environment
  • Work with animators on character rigging controls and features
  • Maintain and develop character asset management pipeline
  • Develop new tools and workflow by writing rigging & pipeline tools in Maya and Unreal.
  • Support and extend any Maya or Unreal Python tools used by the character art team
  • Work with production management team on scheduling and prioritizing tasks
  • Work with all departments to help debug art asset issues
  • Fix minor modeling and UVs issues, and generate in-game LOD models
  • Create simple animation when developing animation behavior in Blueprints

Requirement & Skills:

  • 3+ years of experiences in games or equivalent industry
  • Experience with skinning and rigging in Maya. In-depth understanding of how Maya joints, skin clusters, and constraints work.
  • Experience with using BluePrints, Event & Animation Graph, various Physics nodes in Unreal Engine 4
  • Good understanding of human anatomy and animation principles
  • Must be a self-starter and proactive, and able to work independently under minimal directions
  • Ability to identify and solve technical issues, and come up with creative solution under technical restrictions
  • Scripting using Maya Python and PyMel
  • Ability to take initiative in R&D of new workflow and process
  • Must be flexible and willing to adapt to new process and schedule changes
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to share technical knowledge


  • Experience with building modular rigging system and facial animation system
  • Experience with Maya Python API and/or C++
  • Visual art background with modeling, animation, and concept art skills.
  • Solid Linear algebra and Trigonometry

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